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Phase 2 will increase the training options to include protection work, scent detection, tracking and advanced obedience (Foundation Dog® training).

Set your sights on the future of learning

Phase 3 will allow a virtually trained dog to be used in gaming environments.  A trainer can earn cryptocurrency by training a dog for a gamer to support game challenges such as protection, apprehension, scent detection for specific gaming items and more.


1. Allows dog trainers to focus on training dogs. The owners of the dogs can practice as much as necessary to ensure they are ready to take the trained dog home.  This saves dog trainers dozens of hours of time, allowing them to use that time with the dog.

2. New students at Top Tier K9 can master their dog handing skills prior to actually touching a dog.  This will greatly decrease the time it takes to certify as a pet trainer and as a Foundation Dog trainer (training protection dogs, scent detection dogs, tracking dogs, sport dogs and more).

3. People with disabilities will be able to work with their Top Tier K9 service dog virtually, prior to receiving the dog at home.  Modifications to wheelchairs can be experimented with using a virtual dog. The success will be seen through the load management algorithm if the modifications were effective or not.

4. Law enforcement officers will be able to perfect their handling of scent detection dogs through the virtual training center, greatly reducing the chances of creating dogs that false indicate because of handler error.

5. Children can be taught how to safely approach and manage a stray dog.

6. People adopting dogs from rescues and humane societies can pass a virtual handler test, greatly reducing the recidivism of rescues.

7. Veterinarians and their technicians can learn how to handle dogs more effectively in their clinics thus reducing patient stress and increasing the safety of the staff.

Early benefits

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