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Top Tier K9 is now in the Metaverse. We are expanding our Information Technology (IT) development and operations through Top Tier Meta. 

The value of Top Tier K9’s Virtual Reality Training Center is extreme.  The dog responds based on a Top Tier K9 patent pending “load management” algorithm that creates structured K9 artificial intelligence (AI) allowing the virtual dog to learn through the use of proper rewards and corrections, just like a real dog learns.  This methodology is what makes Top Tier K9 one of the best dog trainer schools in the world.  The methods and techniques taught at the school are used to create the virtual training center.

Top Tier K9

embrace the power of evolution

Top Tier K9 is launching the world's first fully functioning Virtual Reality Dog Training Center. Visitors can learn to train a dog using Top Tier K9's balanced approach to dog training through a virtual reality headset and controllers.

Virtual Dog

The visitor connects the proper collar and leash to the dog then begins luring the dog and using markers, rewards, and corrections to teach the dog to sit, climb, heel, come, and down among other commands.

The better the visitor is with leash pops, rewards, timing and consistency, the better the dog responds through an increased ability to manage pressure and resolve conflict (load management).  The dog “learns” virtually so as the visitor improves, so will the dog.

expectation and reality

Visitors start by learning to train a pet and progress into working with Foundation Dogs® in tracking, scent detection, protection and off leash obedience. 

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